A glossary of useful resources for Creative Arts Tutors

This glossary enables all tutors to upload resources for use by others. Please give your resource a suitable name so we know its level and topic making it easy for others to find resources. You can rate the resources and also comment on how useful you found them.
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Stimulating and supporting contemporary visual arts practice


Entry link: a-n

Art Cyclopedia

A guide to great art online - useful reference

Entry link: Art Cyclopedia


An "online zine for everyone that's interested in playing and having fun with paper, paints, inks and stamps, and any other exciting mediums."
Entry link: Art-e-zine


Bead and Button Magazine

Bead and Button magazine's website with regularly updated ideas and tutorials.
Entry link: Bead and Button Magazine

Beaded Necklace Patterns

Beading Daily is offering a free ebook with ideas for beaded necklaces here
Entry link: Beaded Necklace Patterns

Beadweaving patterns - free e book

A free e-book of beadweaving patterns is available here. All that's needed to get it is an email address.
Entry link: Beadweaving patterns - free e book

Beadwork resources

The following link demonstrates how to crimp your beads:

Some ideas for working with a wire jig:
This website is good example of some of the many patterns you can try: http://www.jagwearjewelry.com/wirewrap.htm

Recommended by tutor Amanda Eady
Entry link: Beadwork resources

Block Printing

There's a really great 4 minute-long video on the BBC Learning Zone site about block printing in India. Very well worth watching - raises interesting questions about mechanisation and the merits of "improving" old, traditional skills.

Entry link: Block Printing

Book Arts Web

The home of the Book Arts Web which features links to a large selection of book arts related sites on the web, including educational opportunities, professional organizations, tutorials, reference materials, and galleries with images.
Entry link: Book Arts Web



A really useful site for calligraphers
Entry link: Calligraphity

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