Topic outline

  • General

    For ICT Tutors

    Welcome to the ICT Teacher Network for all the Adult Education Tutors across the county teaching ICT.  As we build this area I hope it will be a resource you will return to regularly to share good practice and access resources.  We have a wide range of ICT subjects on offer so we may have to redesign this area as we move forward.

  • What does an Outstanding ICT class look like?

    I would like to generate some discussion here on the features of an Outstanding class.  We have the grading matrix to refer to and I will search the Ofsted Good Practice Database to come up with more ideas.  Please contribute your own ideas in the forum.

    • Course Criteria/Outcomes

      In this section I would like us to share the criteria/syllabus or learning outcomes we are working towards in our sessions.  There are numerous "Beginners IT" classes and I would like us to consider whether we try to have a standard set of criteria so that learners across the county meet the same objectives wherever they join.  What do you think?  It would be helpful if you can upload the criteria/outcomes (or whatever you call them) that you are aiming to achieve with your learners.  I know that many of you are working with the EDCC qualifications so this could be a good place to start.

      • Sharing Resources

        We are probably all reinventing the wheel when it comes to this one.  What resources do you have to work with your group?  Are you willing to share any of the resources you have created? 

        Note:  we need to be aware of copyright so please do not upload any resources copied from books etc and for which you, or your organisation, do not own the copyright.

        Please use the forum below to post your resources initially.  If we get a good response I will start to categorise them so that you can easily access resources for, for example, Word Level 1.

      • Sharing Good Practice

        Don't hide your light under that bushel!

        Those of you who have been observed recently may find that you have been asked to share the good practice identified in your sessions with your peers across the county.  Here is the place to do it.  Please say what the good practice was and what others can learn from you. 

        If you are looking to improve your practice in a particular area why not ask if anyone has good practice to share in that area.

        • Useful Websites

          Please upload links to your favourite websites.  For ease of use I have separated them into those we would direct learners to and those we would use to access resources.  Obviously some websites will do both, so I leave you to decide where to place them.

          For learners

        • Initial Assessment

          This is a common area noted for improvement.  It may be that initial assessment has taken place, but has not been recorded.  Can we share the tools that we use both for the initial assessment and to record our learners' starting points.  Without clearly recorded initial assessment it's not possible to demonstrate their progress over the course.

        • Jargons

          Watch this short video - are you guilty of this?  I certainly have been in the past.  It's easy to forget how much jargon is involved in ICT and it's important that learners understand it in order to make good progress.