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  • Functional Maths

    Tell us what you want to learn

    from a choice of English, Maths and Information Technology

    Options range from short courses to longer programmes leading to nationally recognised qualifications. If we can recommend a better course for you, (such as an ESOL programme), we will direct you towards it.

    (for anyone who would like to improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills)
    Improving your grammar, spelling and punctuation could make life easier, for example when you need to fill in forms and apply for services. While at work, it could help you if you need to write letters or take notes in meetings.

    Foundation English
    (for complete beginners)
    For adults who speak little or no English, this course will give you experience of the writing and conversation skills you need for everyday situations, such as making an appointment to see a doctor or teacher, and talking with friends and neighbours.

    (for anyone who would like to refresh or improve their maths)
    Gaining more confidence using numbers could help you with everyday tasks like budgeting the household bills. It could help you at work too, if you have to do calculations and understand figures.
    Options include courses from entry level to full qualifications.

    Information Technology
    (for anyone who would like to sharpen-up their office IT skills)
    An introduction to Microsoft Office word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools, with practical support for using email, searching the web, and buying and selling online.

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